Botball 2016 – Another New Controller

This season Botball uses a new controller: ” The Wallaby”.  The KIPR Wallaby uses the KISS Web IDE, which is the successor to KISS Platform and KISS IDE (see below).  KISS (the KIPR Instructional Software System) Web IDE is a programming environment developed by the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics for use in the robotics classroom.  It supports the ANSI C, and is hosted on the KIPR Wallaby which is now easier to program! Its accessible over WiFi or USB cable and can be used with any OS with a web browser and WiFi and/or USB port with no additional software!.

Most of the library functions have the same behavior and name so this introductory tutorial is still quite useful for the novice.  If you have the old KISS IDE on a computer, you can write code on it, [or copy one of our example codes] compile and simulate it as a first draft; then cut and paste it via a browser to the Wallaby.

Right now the only way to get a wallaby is to participate  in a Botball tournament.   Check for more information, or go to the next local Tournament, or Global Conference on Educational Robotics, in July, 



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