New Botball Controller

Botball Games  for 2013 will use a new controller: Link

It has all the features of the CBC, plus more.  It has a full linux OS and can support programming

in other languages beside ‘C’.  Eventually it will support programming without the need for a laptop!

It can be programmed in C with a new KISS IDE [vers 4.04, as of 1/30/2013].

Its function library has a few new functions for camera and display.

Go to for more details.


Additional Topics

Several new topics have been added to the PYR website in recent months:

*Controlling Servos describes servo features and how to calibrate a servo using the CBC display, and provides example code on how to control the speed of servo motion with a ‘for’ loop.

*A brief description of variables has been added into the description of making decisions for branching and looping architectures.

*An introduction to line following tells the bacics with a simple demo robot and a single sensor example.

*A lego bumper assembly is described to extend sensing of two switches to an entire front bumper. Then a testing assignment leads the user through a experiment to measure its sensitivity.

Just added a new section for the KISS-C Botball Emulator

I just finished this section today: The Simulator

It has a few images of each page of the simulator instructions followed by a Youtube video of me running the simulation of the program drive_with_arrows.

I also expanded the branching section to include else, and created a comic to make the concept more clear.

As always – please let me know what you think of the site, and feel free to share your reflections and thoughts through the comments.

-Azi Crawford

NRP Site Monkey

New Name?

It is very possible that “NASA Robot Project” is not an appropriate name for a site that is exclusively dedicated to introducing kids to building and programming robots for Botball.

Do you have suggestions for a new name?

Please submit them in the comments field.

Thank you,

Azi Crawford