Lessons for Robot Programming Basics

This course is divided into small bites of basic Robot Programming Concepts. They progress mostly in a logical order, but there are options to go directly to various tips and optional advice.

Note the literal map, on the top right of each page so that you can always find your way if you get lost.

To continue with the lesson, just click on the word NEXT, or the NEXT button

When you see a shiny red A:

   you can click on it to try the assignment for each lesson or concept.          –                 To return to the lesson, just close the browser tab with the assignment.

Here is the outline of the lessons on this site:

  1. Introduction to Programming
  2. Moving your Robot
    1. Forward
    2. Turning
    3. Fine Motor Control
      1. Move at Velocity
      2. Move to Relative Position
  3. Sensing
    1. Built-in Sensors
    2. Virtual Sensors
    3. Digital Sensors
    4. Analog Sensors
    5. Vision
  4. Decisions
    1. Logic
    2. Variables
    3. Testing Statements
      1. Equal To
      2. Greater Than
      3. Less Than
      4. Greater Than or Equal To
      5. Less Than or Equal To
      6. Not Equal To
    4. Branching
    5. Looping
  5. Printing
  6. Functions


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