6 thoughts on “The Map

    1. nasarobotproject Post author

      The map is a way of organizing information for those who think more spatially instead of linearly and verbally. It’s not perfect, but I think it is still helpful.
      NRP Site Monkey

  1. Cynthia Wong

    I like the map. The map is cool, but the “TELEPORT TO ANOTHER PAGE!” sidebar is VERY cluttered. Maybe pull down buttons would make it easier to navigate.

  2. Cynthia Wong

    Maybe you could make the sidebar have links to another page of links. Like in the sidebar you can have general links like “Logic-Boolean Operations” and when someone clicks it, it’ll take the person to the overview page where they can click “And[&&]”, “Not”, etc. Or “Sensing” could take you to an overview page with links to the different types of sensors.

    1. nasarobotproject Post author

      Great idea Cynthia,
      I’m not sure – yet – how to design the side bar as its own page… right now I am just using WordPress widgits. I’ll poke around a bit.

      -NRP Site Monkey


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