Introduction to Programming Robots

Programming your robot.

Here’s a step by step example of the process…

1. Know your task and write it down:

2. Break the task down…

3. Write the pseudocode – writing out the steps  – with words and diagrams.

4. Write the code.

Click HERE to see the full code for what I wrote for Hokey-Pokey.

5. Compile the code and download it onto your CBC.

6. Run the program on the robot.

Click HERE to see the Hokey-Pokey program being downloaded and then run on a simple robot.

7. See if your program did what you wanted it to – then make changes if needed or wanted.

Click on the Youtube clip below to see a more dynamic version of an introduction.

**”5 Ways you can learn programming faster” (opens a new tab or window)**

NEXT: Make Your Robot Move!


4 thoughts on “Introduction to Programming Robots

    1. nasarobotproject Post author

      I don’t have an immediate solution. I don’t see this with my IE 8.
      Try expanding the display to full screen; then the bottum panel should go away completely after
      a few seconds.


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