Modifying the Foward program

Based on what you learned in Moving Forward:

A – Write a program that will make your robot move forward at lower speeds.

B – Write a program that will send different power levels to the left and the right motor – before you run it – write down your guess as to what will happen. Then run your program to see how close your guess was.

C – See if you can write a program that will make your robot go exactly one meter.

Close this window or tab when the assignments are completed.

Some extra ideas.
1 – Measure your robot’s speed at full motor power.

   But how do you measure speed? What IS speed? Speed is distance/time, or how far did you travel divided by how long it took. So, if your Moving Forward program takes two seconds we can measure how far your robot travels, then divide that number by 2 seconds to get your speed. My little demo bot ran for about 40 centimeters in 2 seconds. So to find the speed, I would divide 40 cm/2 s- which gives me 20 cm/s or twenty centimeters per second or 0.2 m/s (0.2 meters per second).

2 – change the power level sent to the motors, then measure the speed for each power level.

3 – make a graph of speed versus power level – what do you see?

4 – continue with Fine Motor Control to use direct speed control functions.


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