Link Controller Functions & Features

The Library of Functions under KISS IDE 4.05+ for the Link has expanded and changed in several ways:

• The ‘display_printf()’ replaces ‘cbc_printf()’ but uses a numeric row, col, to position the line to be displayed in the same manner; do not use with“\n”

• Also ‘display_clear()’ replaces ‘cbc_display_clear()’

• Different virtual buttons are used on the run console display: 
   Three extra soft buttons: x, y, z, below a, b, c

   Use: ‘extra_buttons_show()’ or ‘extra_buttons_hide()’ for x,y,z

• No ‘up_, down_, left_, or right_button()’, but,
• you can label buttons with text (up to 12 characters) for any soft button, A -Z
    Example: set_x_button_text(char txt[])
    (either directly in quotes, or indirectly with a declared char array variable)
• Real ‘side’ button replaces ‘black’ button; the old function still works,
    but ‘side_button()’ is  a better description.
• No ‘sleep(x)’;  replace with ‘msleep(y)’ where y= 1000x (y in millisec)
• Camera setup and command functions have changed: See Link Camera

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