– Color Channel Calibration

For the Link (as for the CBC) color blob processing you have up to 4 channels 

 which can be calibrated to recognize the color you select by its 

Hue, Saturation, and Value (HSV).  To set a color channel on the Link,

go to ‘Settings’, ‘channel’.  then touch the channel to name it.

Select ‘Edit’ and ‘add’ then select ‘Channel Type’: “HSV Blob Tracking” for each

color channel needed.  Watch this YouTube video for calibration details:


When you ‘edit’ the channel you see the display below:

Color Channel calibrate

Touching the target object in view will give you the approximate HSV blob needed under the lighting for the scene. (a red shuttlecock in the example)  NOTE: Different lighting will result in a necessary update in the channel calibration!

The two rectangles represent the HS and the HV settings respectively.  By touching the circles on the top-left, and bottom right of the rectangles you can adjust these setting and then see how it matches the object view.  You can also make more precise adjustment numerically by touching the ‘Manual’ ion above.

When finished, touch the ‘Done’ button and select ‘Default’ if this is your preferred channel (note a star is added to the channel name.)

Try Vision Assignment, with options for the Link controller to verify the calibration.


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