– Building Your Basic Robot

Building your robot will be demonstrated in parts.

The parts you will need:

Building your basic frame:

Building your wheels:

Mounting your wheels:

finishing your frame:


3 thoughts on “– Building Your Basic Robot

  1. Cynthia Wong

    Good job! The videos were very straight-forward and entertaining at points :] However, it would be great if you could make a list of where you bought your parts or what company you bought them from. I recognized the LEGO Mindstorm pieces, but I’ve never seen the servo horns before. I am also unsure of what type of kit the metal pieces and motor were from but I think those could be substituted for VEX parts. Keep up the good work!

      1. Terry

        The parts all came from the 2011 Botball kit, but I think KIPR might be willing to make up a special, low-cost kit to introduce the programming and robot to younger students before the competition. Also, I have an an ‘all LEGO’ version which only requires the motors and two screws along with LEGO pieces [contact me for details].

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