Creating a New Program in KISS

To start a writing a new program for your Botball robot. Click on the red robot icon on your desktop, or select the latest version of KISS from the Programs list.  The KISS IDE opens with a verbal introduction for novices (v. 3.02) after clicking on “walkthough” (be sure to turn up the audio).   If beginning with KISS-C (v. 2.4) the following sequence will lead to creating a new program:

Select CBC 2 (if you are using a different version of KISS – this may vary) – click OK

Then click on ‘New’ on the upper left part of the KISS window.

A whole bunch of stuff will appear when you do so…

For the purposes of these tutorials, you can delete everything in the editing window, and just leave or type:

int main()



From here, you can write in the code given for any and all of the programs discussed on this site.

(Yes, that is Azi’s guitar in the background.)


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