– Fine Motor Control

So, now you have learned how to make your robot move around – forward, backward, and turning. But we can do even better. Right now the robot is moving like an enthusiastic toddler – lots of energy and drive, but not much control.

KISS-C also has other functions that control the motors, but with more… erm… uh… control.

  • mav(a,b) – move the motor at port a (0-3) at velocity b (-1000 – 1000 ticks per second).
  • mrp(a,b,c)  – move to relative position tells the CBC to move the motor plugged into port a (0-3), and speed b ( 0-1000 ticks per second ), to position c ( number of ticks, +/-, where 1100 ticks = 1 full rotation of a standard, servo-type black motor )

NEXT: Move At Velocity


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