Left Brain: Site Map

I. Getting Started

A. Building a simple Robot

B. KISS-C: Creating a new program

C. Simulation

D. Downloading Programs onto your Robot

II. Advice

A. Introduction To Programming

B. SUPER – Cycle of Problem Solving

 C. 3P – Proper Programming Practices

III. Making It Happen

A. Doing [Making your Robot Move]

1. Going Forward

2. Turning

B. Deciding [and changing robot action]

1. Logic

2. Testing statements [logic + variables]

3. Branching – [if]

4. Looping – [ while ]

C. Sensing [How your robot detects the world around it]

1. Built-In

2. Virtual

3. Digital

4. Analog

5. The Camera

D. Printing

E. Functions

IV. Additional Information

A. Library of Functions

B. Controlling Servos

C. Trouble Shooting

D. “Assignments”

E. Additional Program Examples


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